Wasp Nest Removal Horsham

DCM Wasp nest removal Horsham provide a quick and safe wasp control service for just £75. We only use a high strength insecticide to quickly destroy the wasps nest within hours. Even if we are unable to access the nests itself we can still treat the entrance point (under a roof tile) and this method is just as effective.  

£75.00 Wasp Control Treatments

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To ensure all our customers are wasp free we guarantee all work undertaken. If your nest is still visibly active after 48 hours we will come back and retreat it for free. Although this is rare it can happen on nests that are very hard to reach like high up on the chimney stack. 
Many people try to resolve a wasp problem by blocking up the entrance point with an object. This is not a good idea! The wasps will try to find another way in and out of the nest and sometimes that will be through the house! If in doubt please call the wasp nest removal experts for advice. 
As the summer progresses it becomes a lot easier to spot a wasp or hornets nest because they are holding such large numbers. The activity will increase all the way through until late October or November depending on the weather.
If you have seen wasps slowly entering a gap on your property in Horsham then it is very likely there will be a wasp nest behind.
For more information call wasp nest removal Horsham today!

Providing wasp nest removal in Horsham, Billingshurst, Slinfold, Warnham and Southwater.

We are prone to wasps and get at least one nest every year. This time it was in the loft and dealt with quickly by the wasp nest removal Horsham team.

Paula Welsh in Horsham
We were very worried after finding a large number of dozy wasps in the bathroom during the night. They managed to find the nest above the bathroom in the loft and treat it. Now we are wasp free! Very pleased with the Horsham wasp company.

Mrs Longford in Horsham
Hornets had decided to build a nest above our porch. We were unable to use the front door and needed it removed quickly. The nest morning there way no signs of any activity. Great price and great service!

Mr Wilson in Horsham, West Sussex

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